Civil Ferments

By Megan Barber, Grocery and Wellness Buyer, Merchandising Manager, Co-op Owner ‘Fresh’ is what we think of when we think of healthy eating, but aging is great when it comes to fine wines, some cheese, and fermented foods! Here to help with the fermented products is Civil Ferments: a small local business looking to get great food into Michiganders’ hands! […]

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That Co-op Smell

By Stacy Saul, Board Member, Co-op Owner Since moving away from Mount Pleasant nearly two years ago to the West side of the state, I can assure you that I have found nowhere that has the same wonderful scent called, “That Coop Smell”. It’s a mix of onion skins, curry, patchouli, garlic, kombucha, and love? I am a newly elected […]

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