The Story of Sapling & Sprout

    By Megan Barber, Co-op Owner, Wellness Buyer You might have seen the beautifully crafted, handmade, vegan, local bars of soap from Sapling & Sprout on the shelves of GreenTree this […]

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    Holiday Hours

    We know that it can be confusing for shoppers when a business’s hours change during the holidays. In order to make this season’s hours as clear (and convenient) as possible, […]

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    Community Partner: Small House Farm

    By Ben Cohen, Owner Near the village of Sanford, MI, tucked into the trees on the edge of the Huron Forest, is where you will find the Cohen family and […]

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey

    GreenTree is conducting a Customer Service Survey. We want to hear how you think we’re doing! Take a few minutes to fill out the survey today, and you could win […]

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    Co-op Thanksgiving Menu

    By Chris Wiesman, Deli Manager, Co-op Owner Let’s face it: Thanksgiving can be stressful. The menu planning, the travel, and the inevitable heart attack that comes with visiting family for […]

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    Owner Benefits and Co+op Basics

    By Laura Coffee, Marketing & Owner Services Manager, Co-op Owner GreenTree is always working to improve the Co+op experience for our Owners and shoppers. This year, we tried changing our […]

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What to Do with Leftover Turkey

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This quick recipe comes from our storekeeper Erin, and is a great way to use up those leftovers after you’ve made a big turkey dinner.* Start by pulling or chopping your leftover turkey into bite-sized chunks. Combine chopped carrots, celery, and onions in a saucepan with two cups of water and any leftover gravy and drippings. When the vegetables begin […]

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Fantasy Food-Off 2015

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This November we’re giving away a Turkey Dinner!* The rules of the contest are simple: Fill out your Fantasy Food-Off form and return it to the store by November 2nd. (We’ll gladly make you a copy if you want to keep track of your progress at home.) Be sure to choose an Ultimate Winner of the final battle. Then vote […]

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A Spotlight on Wellness: Gabriel Cosmetics

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By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner “It’s so sheer that I don’t feel like I’ve lost myself under a layer of makeup,” – Alicia Silverstone regarding Zuzu cosmetics in Allure magazine. Gabriel Cosmetics started in 1991 and since then they have been featured in over 25 print publications including, Elle, Shape, and Vegetarian Times. They feature three lines of […]

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A Word from the Board: Why Become a Board Member?

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One of the ways our Owners can participate in GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is by serving on its Board of Directors. Is joining the Board right for you? This article aims to help you find out. GreenTree, as a cooperative, is about providing healthy food alternatives organized under democratic principles. Cooperatives have a long history, not only in the United States, […]

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The Down and Dirty of Digestive Enzymes

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By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner Imagine a world of fluffy cupcakes, never ending pizza, ice cream sundaes, and mountains of glorious candy. In a perfect world, we would all eat delicious, addictive food in abundance without ramifications like heartburn, bloating, and indigestion. And unfortunately, until we can get to that perfect world, which I’m hoping comes along soon, […]

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New Cheeses? No Whey!

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By Chris Wiesman, Deli Manager, Co-op Owner Yes whey! We now carry a selection of gourmet and specialty cheeses, including: Gruyere, manchego, parmigiano reggiano, brie, burrata, fresh mozzarella, aged asiago, smoked cheddar, halloumi, sheep & goat’s milk feta, sticky toffee cheese, raw cow’s milk blue cheese, mascarpone, chevre, and pear-stuffed chevre. The uses for these amazing cheeses are probably endless, […]

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