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    National Bulk Week 2015

    By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner From allspice to vitamin C powder and organic cane sugar to papaya spears, we can help meet your bulk needs. GreenTree carries an […]

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    A Spotlight on Wellness: Gabriel Cosmetics

    By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner “It’s so sheer that I don’t feel like I’ve lost myself under a layer of makeup,” – Alicia Silverstone regarding Zuzu cosmetics in […]

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    Owner Benefits and Co+op Basics

    By Laura Coffee, Marketing & Owner Services Manager, Co-op Owner GreenTree is always working to improve the Co+op experience for our Owners and shoppers. This year, we tried changing our […]

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    A Word from the Board: Why Become a Board Member?

    One of the ways our Owners can participate in GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is by serving on its Board of Directors. Is joining the Board right for you? This article aims […]

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    Community Partner: Triangle Motel

    By Rachel Cromell, Marketing Assistant, Storekeeper, Co-op Owner Mid-Michigan is a special place to be when each season’s change brings potential for new and exciting experiences. As the seasons move […]

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    The Co-op Scoop: Farewell to the Fields

    By Sarah Christensen, General Manager, Co-op Owner This October I’ll celebrate my 12-year anniversary working at the Co-op and my 10th anniversary as General Manager. During that time (and before […]

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The Down and Dirty of Digestive Enzymes

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By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner Imagine a world of fluffy cupcakes, never ending pizza, ice cream sundaes, and mountains of glorious candy. In a perfect world, we would all eat delicious, addictive food in abundance without ramifications like heartburn, bloating, and indigestion. And unfortunately, until we can get to that perfect world, which I’m hoping comes along soon, […]

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New Cheeses? No Whey!

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By Chris Wiesman, Deli Manager, Co-op Owner Yes whey! We now carry a selection of gourmet and specialty cheeses, including: Gruyere, manchego, parmigiano reggiano, brie, burrata, fresh mozzarella, aged asiago, smoked cheddar, halloumi, sheep & goat’s milk feta, sticky toffee cheese, raw cow’s milk blue cheese, mascarpone, chevre, and pear-stuffed chevre. The uses for these amazing cheeses are probably endless, […]

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Tomato Season!


By David Whitney, Produce Buyer, Co-op Owner Local tomatoes are one of summer’s special treats. Of course, tomatoes are available year-round, but to experience tomatoes at their taste pinnacle you need find a source locally. In Michigan our tomato season is pretty short, just a few weeks. We need to capitalize on the bounty that we get from our local […]

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Why Buy Bulk?

By Reeva Ripley, Bulk Buyer, Frozen Buyer, Co-op Owner Help save money and the environment one purchase at a time! In a world where people are becoming more ecologically aware, many of us are looking to minimize our effect on the environment. Making purchases in the bulk aisle enables folks to reduce both discarded packaging and food waste. It also […]

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Summertime Grilling

By Christopher Wiesman, Deli Manager, Co-op Owner The grill is an amazingly versatile cooking machine. Nearly everything, even desserts, can be cooked over the open flame of a gas or charcoal grill. Go ahead—try it! The high heat of the flame helps to caramelize the  sugars, producing a delicious crust, all the while imparting even more flavor in those grill […]

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2015 Annual Meeting Results

Board Elections: Five Board Members were elected; Ray Davies, Carolyn Kaya, Gary Kramer, Robert Murray, and Aiman Shahpurwala Restated Bylaws: Passed Restated Articles of Incorporation: Passed You can read the 2014 Annual Report here. And if you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, check out these pictures and you’ll feel like you were right there with us!

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